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Statista is a global industry statistics database that aggregates content from other sources as well as conducts independent market research. The data included in this resource includes industry information, consumer data, company profiles, financials, and more.



How to use

Statista is a keyword driven database and easy to use. You can start by searching for your concept terms using the main search bar. Results will include individual charts, reports, and topic dossiers with collections of charts. You can narrow down by geography or include regional terms in your search. The top level menu tab can also be used to navigate to themed reports and outlook documents. 

You can download Statista charts into multiple different formats. Pay special attention to the source indicator on each Statista chart as this will indicate the author of the content.

APA citations for Statista

Reference List
Author, Initial. (Date). Title of Report. Website homepage URL.
Daniel Research Group. (2019, September). Unit shipments of mobile personal computers (PCs) and laptops in the United States, from 2013 to 2023 (in millions) [Chart]. Statista. 

In-text Citation
(Author, Year)
(Daniel Research Group, 2019)

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