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IBISWorld reports include industry performance, competitors, competitive landscape, product and market information, operating conditions and more.


United States and Canada

How to use

IBISWorld is easy to keyword search in, you can type in your industry topic on choice and review the related reports. There are three different report types, including industry reports, iExpert reports, and business environment reports.

Make sure to visit each tab of the report to get a well-rounded understanding of your industry. Often we confuse our product or service to be an industry itself, so you are having difficulty finding a report, try first classifying your industry with a NAICS code.

Supporting Documents

APA citations for IBISWorld

Reference List
Author, Initial. (Date). Title of Report. Website homepage URL.
Ex. Ozelkan, E. (2018, August). IBISWorld industry report 45411aCA: E-commerce & online auctions in Canada.

In-text Citation
(Author, Year)
(Ozelkan, 2018)

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