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Industry Research


  • Vividata Target Snapshot
    Previously known as PMB Online.
    Results of Canadian consumer surveys with responses broken down by age, income, city, education, family type, etc.
    Requires VPN for off-campus access.
  • Mintel
    See the Consumers section and databook available with individual reports. Some reports include analysis of social media conversations. Also, using the menu at the top browse to Cataegory Overview > Demographics to see information on different consumer segments.
  • eMarketer
    Covers ecommerce, technology, and social media. Click the "browse & filter" tab and select "demographics" for information by age, education level, etc.
  • Statistics Canada
    Census and other StatCan surveys including household spending.
  • Statista
    Business-related statistics from a range of sources.


  • Passport
    Click on the "Consumers" tab at the top of the screen. You can also use the "search" boxes on the home page to search for statistics or analysis. Choose "Economies and Consumers" in the appropriate box, then choose the topic you are interested in.
  • Business Source Complete (EBSCO)
    Search for articles on "consumer trends" or "consumers" and product name/demographic etc.
  • Proquest Central
    Search for articles on "consumer trends" or "consumers" and product name/demographic etc.


  • Vividata
    Previously known as PMB Online. 

Demographic maps (Canada)

  • SimplyAnalytics Canada
    Previously known as SimplyMap. Create maps and reports using Canadian demographic, business, and marketing data.
    You must register for an account. Limited to 5 users/time.
  • Community Information Database
    Provides maps of demographic and socio-economic data at the national, provincial and city-level.  
  • GeoSearch 2016 (Statistics Canada)
    Using data from the 2016 and 2011 census, provides age, language, population density, and population change at the various levels of granularity (census subdivision, census tract etc).

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