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Industry Research

Statement on the Educational Use of Databases

The use of McGill Library's professional business databases is limited to academic purposes. These databases are not to be used on behalf of external organizations or for commercial reasons.

Students completing internships may not access resources and reports on behalf of their employers.

Please refer to the McGill Library policy on electronic resources or to the licensing and conditions of use for further information.


Welcome to the Industry and Consumer Research guide. Here you will find information on the resources available to you as a McGill Student to help in your business research. 

Accessing Resources Off-Campus

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Start with Industry and Consumer Databases

Search for industry information within these other sources

Industry News and Analysis

In cases where industry reports are not available, you will need to carry out your own research, bringing together articles or news items that provide you with information on the industry you are interested in.

For a list of the key databases to search for articles and news, see the Articles and News guide.

Industry Classification Codes

Industry classification codes are a numerical method of assigning companies to a category based on their business activities. In North America, we primarily use NAICS (North American Industry Classification System), a 6-digit code to categorize which industries a company is a part of. 

You can use NAICS codes in many of our business databases to find reports, articles, and other valuable information. Visit the links below for more information on how to find a code.

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