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Further to Quebec government and university directives, McGill campuses will be closed as of March. As a result, all library branches will be closed until further notice. Library staff will continue to provide virtual reference during service hours. Amanda and Dawn will also be available via email and virtual consultation. 


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GMCA Case Competition



Search WorldCat Discovery for McGill's entire collection of resources: books, journals & articles, multimedia, and other resources, in both print or electronic format.

Research Articles and Newspapers

You can search these databases for articles on topics related to the case.

You'll also need to use these sources to locate information that is not available through the company or industry research databases.

Journal and magazine articles

For the best results you'll want to repeat your search in more than one database.

Newspaper articles

Tips on searching for information on fintech and legal/regulatory issues
Searching the journal and magazine article databases listed above for something like "financial technology" regulation canada  will return several relevant articles.

Industry & Market Reports

You can search our industry research databases for reports on industries, markets, and product segments.

Use reports from multiple databases to get a complete picture of an industry.
If you can't find a report for the Canadian market, look for a US report and determine if the information there could be applied to the Canadian context.

Consumer Research

Similar to industry reports, these reports are based on a combination of primary and secondary source data.

Company Research

Note: It is typically easier to find information on public companies as they are required to make available corporate reports, financial reports, and other information. Private companies have no such obligation, so information is harder to find.

Citing Business Resources

You can use the following sources to help you build your citations for your report.

Business Citation Guides:

Other Resources

  • Excelsior OWL
  • Zotero: Reference manager you can use to track your sources and build your bibliography in Word.

Statistics and Data

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada provides data and statistics on a wide range of subjects.

CANSIM: Main database for accessing StatsCan data. Tables can be customized to change scope, time coverage, etc.

You can browse for data:

Additional Sources

* Quebec and Montreal are listed here as examples. Most provinces, states, and major cities will have statistics portals similar to these.

See also: Data guide

Country Research

These resources are useful for understanding the broader context of any market or business that you are interested in

Using Google to find information online

You can often find reports on companies, industries, and products online using Google.

For example, to find reports on the fintech industry, you can search for:

"financial technology" industry report filetype:pdf

Here's an example of the kind of report that you can find using this search:

Fintech in New York City, December 2015. NYCEDC Economic & Research Analysis.

Note that reports of this type are often published online as PDF files, so including filetype:pdf in your search limits helps to focus your search. You can always leave this out if you want to retrieve content in any format.

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