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Case Studies



Please note that the library does not have case studies from Harvard, Ivey, or other exclusive publishers. Below you can find information on how to access the case studies that are available in our subscriptions. For more information contact the business librarians Dawn McKinnon and Amanda Wheatley.

Finding Case Studies

You can find case studies in our journal databases by using a combination of methods.

  • By Document Type: using the search filters in the journals, you can change the results to filter by "document type" and select "case study". This methods works for any articles that are classified as a case study, but it can also miss other relevant results.
  • By Keyword: When searching for a particular topic you can add the phrase "case study" to your search to help direct the results.
  • By Title or Abstract: You can do a title or abstract search for the phrase "case study" if you believe the words should be found there.

Other sources for case studies include specific journals and open access resources.

Purchasing Case Studies

Analyzing Case Studies

Statement on the Educational Use of Databases

The use of McGill Library's professional business databases is limited to academic purposes. These databases are not to be used on behalf of external organizations or for commercial reasons.

Students completing internships may not access resources and reports on behalf of their employers.

Please refer to the McGill Library policy on electronic resources or to the licensing and conditions of use for further information.

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