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Numeric Data

Source of microdata, aggregate data, and statistics, data visualization, text and data mining, R programming, SPSS, SAS, Stata

Canadian Sources

  • Aboriginal Labour Force Analysis Series (Statistics Canada)
    This series of analytical reports provides an overview of the labour market conditions among the Aboriginal off-reserve populations, based on estimates from the Labour Force Survey. These reports examine the Aboriginal labour force characteristics by Aboriginal identity, as well as diverse socio-economic and employment characteristics.
  • Aboriginal languages in Canada (Statistics Canada)
    Data from the 2011 census.
  • Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS) (Statistics Canada)
    This is a national survey on the social and economic conditions of First Nations people living off reserve, Métis and Inuit aged 6 years and over. The 2012 APS represents the fourth cycle of the survey and focuses on issues of education, employment and health.
  • Aboriginal Peoples Fact Sheets (Statistics Canada)
    This product is a series of geographic profiles that include provinces and territories as well as the four Inuit regions of Inuit Nunangat. This series presents a summary of characteristics about the Aboriginal population living in these areas. Demographic data and information on living arrangements of children, education, employment, income, housing, health and language are highlighted. Data for each Aboriginal group, as well as data for the non-Aboriginal population, are provided separately for select variables. Findings are based on the 2011 National Household Survey, the 2012 Canadian Community Health Survey, and the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey.
  • Aboriginal Population Profiles, 2006 census (Statistics Canada)
    This profile contains free information on the Aboriginal identity population for various Canadian communities where the Aboriginal identity population count is 250 or more. Canadian communities include: cities, towns, villages, Indian reserves and Indian settlements, counties or their equivalents, and metropolitan areas.
  • Aboriginal statistics at a glance (2nd ed.) (Statistics Canada)
    Provides data users with a thematic guide to Aboriginal data at Statistics Canada. It includes data for the First Nations (North American Indian), Métis, and Inuit populations. Each theme is illustrated with a chart presenting key indicators, and a plain language definition of the indicator. Each theme is illustrated with a chart presenting key indicators, a plain language definition of the indicator and links to related data tables and published articles to further assist users in meeting their data needs. Data sources include the 1996, 2001 and 2006 censuses of population, the 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey, the 2005 Canadian Community Health Survey, and the 2007/2008 Adult Correctional Services Survey. There are two editions of Aboriginal Statistics at a Glance. The first edition was released on 2010-06-21. The second edition, released 2015-12-24, includes updated data on the key indicators.
  • Statistics Canada data and publications on Indigenous peoples
  • Census tables on aboriginal peoples (Statistics Canada)
  • Community profiles (Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada)
    These profiles represent a collection of information that describes individual First Nation and Inuit communities across Canada. The profiles include general information on a First Nation / Inuit community along with more detailed information about its reserve(s), governance, federal funding, geography, registered population statistics and various Census statistics. The information presented is consolidated from a number of departmental systems used to collect information for the ongoing administrative and statutory activities of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.
    • First Nations map
    • Inuit map
  • Demography of Aboriginal People
    Article from the Canadian Encyclopedia that describes the differences in Aboriginal numbers depending on the source.
  • Statistics (Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada)
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