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Redpath Book Display

This month's print book and ebook displays spotlight women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The books are about remarkable women who made advances in their fields, despite the challenges of oppressive systems and all of the forms that harassment can take. They tell the stories of women in STEM who did not quit.


To accompany our book display this month, we've curated a SWAY that highlights the works of some remarkable 'Women in STEM' within our library collection. Simply scroll down or swipe to go through the digital hall of fame and explore their works by clicking on the book titles! Or, you can select the list button on the bottom right to view a summary and directly jump to the profile you are interested in. Enjoy!

For a full list of the Print Books for this display click here: 

Find a full list of the E-Book titles for this display here: 




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