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Redpath Book Display

Diverse Fantasy & Science Fiction


The sun is out and there isn't a better time to crack open a new book. Looking for a novel to sink your teeth into? Have a look through our reading list of fantasy and science fiction books to support diverse authors and stories.

Two boys stand back to back in the center of the cover. Behind them, emerging from a large yellow moon is a ghostly figure with a distorted face.
Two half side-portraits face each other, drawn to resemble the wings of a butterfly in the top half of the cover. Below there are flames that creep up the side of the cover and the book title embellished in the lower center.
The book's title is scrawled across the cover, one word per line in a faint yellow colour. Small dots appear in each word and are connected by lines.

A small red flower with eight petals sits at the top center of the cover. Lines burst from the flower, flowing downwards, below each line is a number from one to 12. The title is placed in large font over these lines.
Amibugious white animals are painted across the cover of this book, all seaming to be racing into the unknown. A young girl stands among them dressed in a long brown jacket, hair blowing in the breeze.
Two opposing circles, one black and one red are stacked atop on another. Within them are gridlines depicting cities. A man is seen from up top walking from the black sphere to the red. His deep red cloak is billowing behind him and into the black sphere.

On a pale blue cover a bright red bird sits in the center, in the reflection below there is similar blue bird. The title is scrawled over top, between, and underneath the birds.
A large black crow is flying at the top of the cover, it's left wing hangs down the length of the page. Between the spaces in the feathers there are turrets and spires from buildings.
A women with thick curly chair stands over the entire cover image, her is staring at the reader with a serious expression on her face. One hand is in front of her chest in a swirl of red magic, the other down near her waist with blue whisps.

Looking for more? Click here for the complete list of suggested works. Happy reading! 

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