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Redpath Book Display

Hispanic Heritage Month

On June 20th, 2020 Quebec’s National Assembly declared the month of October Hispanic Heritage Month. This coincides with Canada’s Latin American Heritage Month Act, which was sanctioned by Parliament in 2019. Both acts recognize the many contributions of both Hispanic and Latin American individuals to the social, economic and political development of the province and the country. 

This year's theme is "Visions of Latinidad: How they see us and who we are." This exhibition explores perceptions of Latinx identity from outside and inside the community. It examines the construction of Latinx identity through the North American gaze and its contrast with the real experiences of Latinx individuals.

Check out the exhibition case on the main floor of Redpath Library to see the display in person! 

Selection of Books

Book cover for A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende
Book cover for Algún día, Hoy by Ángela Becerra
Book cover for Amor by Isabel Allende
Book cover for Captain of the Sleepers by Mayra Montero
Book cover for Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende
Book cover for El Reves Del Alma by Carla Guelfenbein
Book cover for Chicana Movidas by Dionne Espinoza, María Eugenia Cotera and Maylei Blackwell
Book cover for Dark Back of Time by Javier Marias

Book cover for Altermundos by  Cathryn Josefina Merla-Watson and  B. V. Olguin
Book cover for American Like Me by America Ferrera
Book cover for Being Brown by Lázaro Lima
Book cover for Chicana/o and Latina/o Fiction by Ylce Irizarry
Book cover for Cloudburst : an anthology of Hispanic Canadian short stories by  Julio Torres-Recinos and Luis Molina Lora
Book cover for Dance and the Hollywood Latina by Priscilla Pena Ovalle
Book cover for Everynight Life by Celeste Fraser Delgado, José Esteban Muñoz and José Esteban Muñoz
Book cover for Expanding Latinidad by Luz Angélica Kirschner

Book cover for From Bananas to Buttocks by Myra Mendible
Book cover for Latin@ Canadian Theatre and Performance Natalie Alvarez
Book cover for Latina/o Discourse in Vernacular Spaces by Michelle A. Holling, Bernadette M. Calafell and Claudia Anguiano
Book cover for Latinocanadá by Hugh Hazelton
Book cover for Latinos, Inc. by Arlene M. Dávila
Book cover for Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics by Frederick Luis Aldama
Book cover for Musicians in Transit by Matthew B. Karush

Book cover for My Invented Country by Isabel Allende
Book cover for Oye Como Va! by Deborah Pacini Hernandez
Book cover for Pigmentocracies by Edward Telles
Book cover for Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes by Juan Felipe Herrera
Book cover for Queer Latinidad by Juana María Rodríguez
Book cover for Religion in the Kitchen by Elizabeth Pérez
Book cover for Sabers and Utopias by Mario Vargas Llosa; Anna Kusher (Translator)
Book cover for Selenidad by  Deborah Paredez

Book cover for Speaking from the Body by Angie Chabram-Dernersesian and Adela de la Torre
Book cover for Telling to Live by The Latina Feminist Group
Book cover for The Trouble with Unity by Cristina Beltran
Book cover for Tropicalizations by Frances R. Aparicio, Susana Chávez-Silverman and Susana Chávez-Silverman
Book cover for Unbecoming Blackness by Antonio Lopez
Book cover for Until the Rulers Obey by Clifton Ross and Marcy Rein
Book cover for Women Warriors of the Afro-Latina Diaspora by Marta Moreno Vega
Book cover for Women Writers of Latin America by Trudy Balch

Bibliography and Other Resources

The exhibition case bibliography can be found here. And the complete reading list from 2021 can be found here


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