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A guide to help MCLL members navigate McGill Library and discover resources to support their lifelong learning.

Music in the Library catalogue

Sofia is the McGill Library catalogue where you can find music recordings in the collection. These include recordings that you can listen to online and physical formats that you can take home.

The catalogue uses Music Recordings as a format type. Limit the format type to retrieve all types of recordings, or select one of the subcategories: eMusic (electronic), Music Cassette, CD, or LP. Sofia - Music PDF "how to"; Saving and sharing records PDF "how to"

Streaming music collections

For a comprehensive guide to online audio, please visit this guide from the Marvin Duchow Music Library.

McGill Library: Databases A-Z: Music

Naxos Music Library: Choose from over 2 million tracks, take one of their musical guided tours through different eras, and explore their educational resources. Naxos is changing their look, but they have a YouTube channel with videos to get you started. Find classical music concerts, operas, ballets and more.

DRAM: Database of Recorded American Music with browsable lists of composers, ensembles, instruments and record labels.

Live Music Archive (Internet Archive): Find copyright-free audio, including radio programs and collections reflecting music, art and culture.

Radio Garden: Tune in to radio stations around the world.

McGill recordings

Schulich School of Music

If you are looking for video recordings of concerts and events hosted by McGill University, you will find many of them here on their YouTube channel. They also have recordings (audio and video) on their website, which requires a McGill VPN for off campus access.

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