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McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL)

A guide to help MCLL members navigate McGill Library and discover resources to support their lifelong learning.

McGill email address and password

Every MCLL member is provided with a McGill email address. You’ll need to activate it to use electronic resources from McGill Library remotely, as well as to access the McGill wireless network or Virtual Private Network (VPN). McGill email address activation PDF "how to"

You will also need to know your McGill email address and password to sign in to computers on campus, including library workstations.

There are options on the McGill IT Knowledgebase for dealing with multiple email accounts, such as forwarding emails from Office 365 to another email address.


If you are off campus and are not on the McGill VPN (see below), each time that you try to access an electronic resource through the Library website, or the Sofia catalogue, you will be asked to login (enter your McGill email address and password). 

In many cases, this is due to the presence of an EZProxy link before the URL of the resource.

EZProxy link:

The EZProxy link can be added before URLs to bring up the McGill login prompt, when you want to turn on access to a particular site.


Wireless Network

When you are on the downtown or Macdonald campus, select the wireless network. 

Follow the wireless instructions here for your operating system.

If you are visiting the campus of another university, look for the eduroam wireless network. Sign in to or eduroam with your McGill email address and password. On the wireless network, you will have access to library resources.


McGill Virtual Private Network

You will notice that some of the resources in this guide specify that it is not enough to enter your McGill email address and password as described above, but that you need to be connected to McGill's Virtual Private Network (VPN).

You will need to install and configure the VPN on your computer, phone, or tablet before you can use it. Follow the instructions for setting up a VPN connection on different operating systems.

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