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Introducing Sofia: the Shared Library Search Tool

Sofia is a shared bilingual discovery tool for all academic libraries in Quebec

Signing In

Click the ‘Sign In’ button in the upper right corner of the browser. You will be presented with a page where you must select your login method. Choices include your institutional network login, or your barcode/user name. Please use the ‘Remember my selection’ option on this page with care, especially from a public computer.

Institutional network Login

If you select the institutional network login method you will be redirected to a sign in page at your institution. Enter your network login user name and password and/or follow additional instructions, and you will be redirected back to the discovery search.

Once signed in, the button in the upper right corner, formerly the ‘Sign In’ button will now be labelled with your first name. This button will be referred to as the ‘Sign In’/your account button.

Barcode Login

The barcode/user name login method requires that users set a password before logging in for the first time. To do this, click the ‘SET/RESET PASSWORD’ button, below the ‘SIGN IN’ button on the login page. Enter your barcode in the ‘User Name’ box and click the ‘REQUEST NEW PASSWORD’ button. A link to a password creation page will be emailed to the address in the library account. Please note the password criteria at the top of the page. Following password creation, you will now be able to put your barcode and password on the sign in page.

The password for the barcode login can be changed using the ‘Sign In’/your account > My Account > Change password function. This function cannot be used to change the password of your institutional network login.

** You can only sign in to their account via your home institution’s discovery search. If you are a student at multiple institutions, or an employee in addition to a student, it is possible that you will more than one account.

Liaison Librarian

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David Greene
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Liaison Librarian

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Clara Turp
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