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Best Bets for Company Research


Mergent Online offers provides company overviews, histories, executive profiles, annual reports, financials, supply chain data, competitors, and more. 


50,000+ International Public Companies

Dun & Bradstreet's 20 million + Private Company Search

How to use

Basic Search

  • Searching on Mergent Online can be easy with the basic search. Input the name of the company or use their ticker name and select from the auto drop-down menu. Note that subsidiary companies will only be included under the parent so you will have to know the name of the parent company first.
  • You can also search for a list of companies within a specific industry by using a NAICS or SIC code. 

Advanced Search

  • Use the advanced search tab to refine a list of companies based on location, revenue, number of employee and more. Note whether you are looking for USA or International, Active or Inactive, and Public or Private companies.
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For annual reports retrieved from Mergent Online: 

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Corporate Author of Annual Report. (Year, Month Day). Annual report. Database URL.
Weyerhaeuser Co., Ltd. (2004, December 26). Annual report. 

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CB Insights is a venture capital database featuring startups and private companies. The database includes brief company descriptions, financing details, and board members.


International private companies, startups, venture capitalists. 

Some public company information.

 VPN required for off-campus access 

How to use


CB Insights advanced search filters for companiesIn order to access CB Insights, you will need to register for an account using your McGill University email and create a password. Navigating in CB Insights is very straightforward. You can keyword search for startups, topics, or venture capitalists. You can also search existing collections of companies or build your own collections. 

The Advanced Search feature allows you to narrow down by company, deals, or investors. You can use the search filters to target specific geographic regions, industries, revenue types, and more.

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CB Insights. (2019). MoneyTap.

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MarketLine provides company reports containing overviews, major products and services, key competitors, as well as SWOT analysis for larger companies.


Over 30,000 international public and private companies.

 VPN required for off-campus access.

How to use 

There are a few different ways to gather company data in MarketLine. 

  1. Company Profile Searching

    On the homepage change the dropdown menu to "company profiles" and search the name of a company. You can open the report and download sections as a PDF.
  2. Browse by Company.

    Select the Companies menu from the top of the screen, here you can see global lists, news, and other key information. You can also keyword search for your company from here. 
  3. marketline company prospector pageBrowse by Database.

    Select the Database menu from the top of the screen, here you can choose from multiple different tools.

    The Company Prospector allows you to search M&As, private equity, capital raised, rankings and more.

    Deals allows you to track global market activity. 

    The Company Report Generator allows you to build a report with the companies available in the database.
  4. Browse by Analysis for Company Case Studies
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MarketLine. (2019a, September 27). Apple Inc.: Company profile. 
MarketLine. (2019b). M&A deals announced (by value). Retrieved from MarketLine Advantage database on 13 November 2019.

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Passport GMID is a Euromonitor International database that has company reports focused on the consumer goods market. These reports are focused on major companies.


International major public companies.

How to use

Passport is easy to use through simple keyword searching, you can type the name of your company in the main search bar or use the company tab at the top of the screen. 

APA citations for Passport
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Euromonitor. (2019, March 7). Johnson & Johnson Inc. in beauty and personal care (world). Retrieved from Passport database.

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McGill Library Subscription Databases

The following databases should be used only in an academic capacity and associated with your work here at McGill University. Only current students have access to these tools. For information on publicly available resources, see below.

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