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Creating a Budget


Using the Financial Performance Tool from the Government of Canada, create a financial benchmark with other businesses in your industry. First identify your Industry Classification. Next you can set the scope of your benchmark by location and revenue. You can export the budget or add your own financials into the spreadsheet to see how you compare with the industry.


Calculating Costs

Advertisements & Marketing


Find utilities and fixed costs in your local area by looking for real estate prices and gathering quotes and hydro, internet, or other costs needed.



Use the industry and market reports to learn about the supply chain methods for your industry. Use the production and company databases to determine possible resources you could use.

Don't forget to take into account importing and exporting costs if relevant.


Subscription Database

Publicly Accessible Tools

McGill Library Subscription Databases

The following databases should be used only in an academic capacity and associated with your work here at McGill University. Only current students have access to these tools.

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