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Maps and Geospatial Data


Géoindex is a shared platform used by Quebec universities to discover, disseminate and download geospatial data. The platform allows for keyword searching and users can use the interactive mapping feature to visualize and download datasets produced by the Quebec government (e.g. cadastral data, orthophotos, topographic data, etc.). Additionally, users can specify download output formats as well as projections. An extraction feature allows users to select a specific extraction zone (location) - the data will automatically download to the clipped area specified by the user. 

New content is added daily to the platform, which eventually will contain all data available through the BCI-MERN agreement. 

To login, current McGill students, faculty, researchers and staff can select McGill University as the organization and login using their McGill username and password. 

Image shows the main page of GeoIndex, with McGill University chosen from a drop-down menu (the last option in the drop-down menu).

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