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Maps and Geospatial Data

Cadastral data

A cadastre refers to a set of records showing the real estate or real property's extent, value and ownership of land. A modern cadastre typically consists of a series of large-scale maps or plans, and corresponding registers.

Image of cadastre map showing the buildings around the rue McGill and rue Notre Dame intersection.

Cartographic plans

The Montreal Cartographic Plans are detailed large scale mapping (1:1 000) of the City of Montreal. Each file covers 0.7 square kilometers. Layers include: building outlines, spot heights, street names, roads, railways, and administrative boundaries.

Montreal Cadastral Plans - detailed large scale maps (1:1 000) delinating the property boundaries of the City of Montreal. The geographic area covered includes the former limits of the city (pre-2001). Each file covers 0.7 square kilometers.

Montreal (CMM) Administrative Boundaries (2006) - polygon file of the boundaries of the various arrondissements and municipalities in and around Montreal, as well as the surrounding counties. The most recent boundaries are available from the Montreal Open Data Portal.

Laval Administrative Sectors (secteurs d'aménagement) - available from Données Québec, these boundary files offer the administrative sectors of the city/island of Laval.

Census boundaries


Land Use

Occupation du sol (Montreal Urban Community Landuse File) - Occupation du sol is a geospatial file produced by the Communuaté Urbaine de Montréal depicting different general landuse types.


The Montreal Land Use Map (1949) is a colour map series, 70 plates in total, that represents the land use of Montreal in 1949. This set of maps were produced by the City of Montreal, City Planning Department in 1949. The land use categories are: residential, commercial, light industry, heavy industry, railway lands, parks and playgrounds, and public buildings. The originals are housed at the City of Montreal Archives, and were scanned in 2000.

Montreal Maps Available Online (various collections)

Ville de Montréal

Ville de Laval

Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal

Bibliothèque nationale du Québec

Affaires municipales et Occupation du territoire

La Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec

Santé et des services sociaux

Société de transport de Montréal

Statistics Canada

Sources of Montreal Municipal Documents & Information - This is an annotated directory of services and information offered in the Montréal region.

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