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Getting Started with SPSS


Welcome to the SPSS Guide! This guide is created to assist new users in familiarizing themselves with some of the most common functions of SPSS.

About SPSS

SPSS is a statistical software designed for data management and analysis. The software is capable of handling a large amount of data and can perform a wide range of statistical operations.

This guide is written using IBM SPSS Statistics 28.0.1.

McGill Access to SPSS

1. Go to and sign in with your McGill email address and password (top right).

2. Search for SPSS and click one he article that  "Software Available at McGill."

3. Search the page for SPSS and click the Download link.

Sample Dataset

The sample file “demo.sav” used in this guide’s examples can be found in the Samples subdirectory of the SPSS installation directory. You can also download the dataset here:

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