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Rayyan for Systematic Reviews

Display mode

Display mode is a feature on the review workbench which is divided into the list of the references and the similarity graph.

  • The List tab is the list of the references of the particular review. 
  • The Similarity graph tab is a visual display which puts the relevant citations together based on the inclusion criteria that we selected. Rayyan assigns five-star ranking to citations which meet the inclusion criteria. 


While Rayyan is a robust tool for screening articles for the purpose of conducting a knowledge synthesis study, there are several limitations that you must be aware of before selecting this tool.

  • Duplicate management is still under developemnt. Visit 'Managing duplicates'  section on this guide for more information. 
  • It does not offer PDF annotation capability. You must rely on the labeling system.
  • You cannot edit or delete any citation within a review.
  • It does not support quality assessment/appraisal or data extraction. 
  • Only English-language interface is available.

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