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Rayyan for Systematic Reviews

Inviting collaborators

You can invite colleagues by email to join you in the review. There are 3 options of collaborator, translator, and viewer are available. A collaborator can almost do everything  except deleting it, inviting others, or changing the blind setting on the review, while a viewer can only access and view the records. According to Rayyan, a translator is a viewer with the added functionality of translating the article abstracts into other languages. However, these functionalities are not active at this moment. 

The invitees will receive an email invitation with a link to create an account with Rayyan, if not registered, and access the review. The list of reviews based on your involvement is available in various tabs as it is showed in the image above.   

Collaborator chat functionality


Only the creator can change the blind setting (Blind OFF/ON). Note that each time the blind setting is changed all collaborators will receive an email notifying them that the 'Blind mode has changed for review: X'.

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