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Rayyan for Systematic Reviews

Gradual phasing out of this guide


Gradual phasing out of Rayyan support
Since Rayyan has now moved to a paid-subscription model, we will no longer be supporting Rayyan, and this guide is no longer being updated. McGill now has an institutional subscription to Covidence, a screening tool with more robust features than Rayyan. Please visit McGill's Covidence page for more information.


This section was written by Hilde Strømme, from the University of Oslo Library of Medicine and Science.  We are very grateful to her for allowing us to include her work in this LibGuide.

Managing more than two screeners

In some projects you may want to divide the screening job between more than two people. For example, the project manager may want to screen all records, and let two other researchers screen half each. This can be managed in three different ways. Option 1 or 3 below is recommended if you want to allocate a specific proportion of the references to each person.


Option 1

Create two reviews and upload half of the references to each review (i.e. export two separate files from EndNote). Then invite one collaborator to the first review and the other collaborator to the second review.

Option 2

Create one review and upload all references. As you are screening, keep an eye on the menu "Minimum collaborator decisions" and make sure that all references are screened by a minimum of two persons. This option does not necessarily provide an even distribution of who screens how much. If you click on "At least 1" in this menu, only the references that – so far – have been screened by just 1 person will be displayed.

Option 3

Create one review, but upload the references in two rounds (e.g. export two separate files from EndNote). It is useful at this stage to give the files clear names that show who will screen which part.

Here is an example of what it looks like when you have uploaded two files with references in the same review:

Rayyan more than two screeners #1

We decided in advance that Hilde (owner of the review) would screen all the references, while Marte and Malene would screen approximately half each. For Marte and Malene to just screen their own share, they must make sure that the file with their own name is selected when they screen. When Malene has selected the file with her name, only the 45 she is going to screen are displayed (Note: 45 is an unrealistically low number, this is just an example). Hilde, who will screen everything, does not select any of these the files and all references are displayed.

Rayyan more than two screeners #2

In the box "Minimum collaborator decisions" you see an overview of how many references have been screened by how many people.
Minimum collaborator decisions #3

In this case, a minimum of two people have assessed all 91 references. Nine of them have been assessed by all three.

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