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Public Policy

A guide to major reference works, scholarly article databases and data sources in Public Policy.

Summer Reading List

Search Tips and Tricks

The Basic Search is the default search for the McGill Library WorldCat homepage.

  • To search an exact phrase, use quotation marks; for example, "liberal party of canada".

  • To narrow a broad topic, use AND between keywords; for example, "elections" AND Canada.

  • To broaden a research topic, use OR to search for terms that denote similar concepts; for example, (voting OR elections AND Canada.

  • To retrieve search results for a word with multiple endings, use the root with an asterix; for example, vote* will retrieve research related to vote, votes, and voting.

Boolean Operators: AND, OR & NOT

AND: Combines two concepts, both will be represented in the results.

  • Lowers the numbers of results

  • Ex: Canada AND policy

OR: Joins two concepts or synonyms

  • Increases the number of results

  • Ex: policy OR governance

NOT: Removes the results that include the word that follows it

  • Lowers the numbers of results

  • Ex: North America NOT United States

* truncation or wildcard: Place at the end of the root of a word and all the words with a different ending will be represented in the results

  • Use instead of plurals / can also replace a letter

  • Increases the number of results

  • Ex: Wom*n = will show results with woman and women. Canad* will show Canada, Canadian, canadien, canadienne, etc…

The McGill Library's Sofia Catalogue

Find Books, Films, Music and MORE!

    Advanced Search

The Sofia Library Catalogue searches McGill University's collection of resources, both print and digital: 

  • scholarly, technical and popular books
  • scholarly journals, magazines and newspapers
  • films, music and partitions
  • maps, microfilm and data

NOTE: This search EXCLUDES journal articles.

Interlibrary Loans

The Interlibrary Loan service (ILL) permits you to borrow documents that are not part of McGill Library’s collection. This service is offered exclusively to McGill professors, current students and staff as part of their teaching, learning, research and work activities at McGill University.

Requesting a document via interlibrary loan is done through the Sofia Discovery Tool.

Consult the Interlibrary Loan web page below for more information on this service. 

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