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At this point in your search, you are going to be rating your companies by how motivated you are to work for them. While in the LAMP process you will do this on a gut reaction, you can later come back to these resources to help you learn more about the prospective companies.

When judging whether or not a company is for you, there are a few resources available at the McGill Library that might help you make those decisions. The following tools will show you how to research company profiles, how to find relevant new articles, and how to learn more about the working culture in a new area.

Company Profiles


Note: Public companies are required by law to produce these annual and other financial reports. They are targeted at investors, and are not always easy to read. However, if you take the time to read through them you can learn a lot about a company's activities and future plans.

Companies in the News

Working Culture in Other Countries

Additional resources

For additional databases to search, see our Company Research guide.

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