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Finding companies by industry or region

You can use the CB Insights database to create a list of companies. The VPN is required to use this database. Once you open CB Insights you will need to create an account with your McGill email address and verify this account.

CB Insights Advanced search filter

  1. Select the Advanced Search option on the right hand menu of the page.
  2. Select the "Company Search" filter.
  3. Open "Industry & Geography".
  4. Filter by desired geographic location.
  5. Filter by desired industry.
  6. If needed, open "Company Attributes" to filter by company size or other keywords.
  7. If needed, open "Financing & Exit" to filter by revenue or funds raised.
  8. Select "See Results" to populate a list of companies.


Once your search has generated results, you can review the list of companies available and export the list to Excel.

CB Insights search results, use export in top left corner.

Industry Background Reports

These reports can give you a better idea of the context in which a particular company operates.

For more resources, see our Industry Research guide.

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