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Art History

Background Information


In print

  • Art History: The Key Concepts
    Entries on over 200 terms integral to the study of art history and visual culture; each entry contains a definition as well as an examination of its history, use, and significance, with suggestions for further reading.
    N5300 H278 2006 (Ref)
  • Art History - Stokstad
    A two volume comprehensive synopsis of the history of art. Coverage begins with prehistory and prehistoric art in Europe and ends with the international avant-garde since 1945.
    N5300 S924 2008
  • Art in History - Silver
    A survey of the history of art, provides elaborate discussions of the artists mentioned in the text. Supplement use of this volume with Stokstad's two volume set mentioned above.
    N5300 S48 1993 (Ref)
  • Encyclopedia of World Art
    A world survey of art and architecturre in 32 volumes.
    N31 E533 (Ref)
  • History of Art: the Western Tradition - Janson
    Divided into four parts covering the Ancient World, Middle Ages, Renaissance to Rococo, and the Modern World. Deals with subjects such as the evolution of style, iconography, feminism, multiculturalism, semiotics, and deconstruction.
    N5300 J3 2007 (Ref)
  • Praeger Encyclopedia of Art
    N33 P68 1971 (Ref)
  • A World History of Art
    N5300 H68 2009 (Ref)


  • Oxford Bibliographies - Art History (online)
  • Art and Architecture in Canada: A Bibliography and Guide to the Literature to 1981
    Provides the most significant contributions to the literature of art and architecture in Canada published between 1825 and 1981. Each of the 9,555 bibliographic entries is annotated in English and/or French, following the language of the citation. Subject areas are arranged by topic and by geographical area. Bilingual index by author and subject.
    Z5961 C3 L47 1991 (Ref) v. 1-2
  • Books on Art in Early America: Books on Art, Aesthetics, and Instruction Available in American Libraries and Bookstores through 1815
    A guide to art treaties, instruction manuals, and books related to drawing, painting, engraving, sculpture, artist biography, art history, and aesthetics through 1815.
    Z5961 U5 S35 2007 (Ref)
  • Bibliographic Guide to Art and Architecture
    Multiple editions (mostly in two volumes) listing publications catalogued during the previous year for each edition. It also serves as an annual supplement to the Dictionary Catalog of the Art and Architecture Division of the Research Libraries of the New York Public Library.
    Z5939 B53x (Ref)
  • Fine arts: a bibliographic guide to basic reference works, histories, and handbooks 3rd Edition
    Divided into two parts: reference works covering periodical articles and books published after 1830 to September 1st, 1988, and; histories and handbooks covering books published after 1875 to September 1st, 1988.
    Z5931 E47 1990 (Ref)
  • Guide to Art Reference Books
    A guide to over 2,500 reference works (pre-1958) covering: architecture; painting; sculpture; prints and engravings; drawings, and; the applied arts. Includes periodicals, series, and special collections for these subject areas.
    Z5931 C45 (Ref)
  • Guide to the Literature of Art History
    Bibliography addressing subject research in the field of art history. Divided into four parts: general reference sources; materials for the study of art history; literature concerning the various media, and; serials. The cut-off date for inclusion in this publication was 1977.
    Z5931 A67 (Ref)
  • Print Catalogue Raisonnés online

Canadian resources

Sources for Background Information

  • Art and Architecture in Canada
    Bibliography and Guide to the Literature Access online or Find a copy in the library.
  • Contemporary Canadian Art
    A survey of developments in painting and sculpture in Canada from WWII to 1980s. Illustrated in colour, includes bibliography.
    Find a copy in the library
  • Key Dates in Canadian Art
    A chronology of Canadian art and architecture. Integrates dates of events relevant to painting, printmaking, sculpture, architecture, folk art, antive art and photography as well as landmark political and social events. Handy for quick reference.
    Find a copy in the library
  • A Concise History of Canadian Painting (Reid)
    The definitive volume on Canadian art. A comprehensive overview of painting in Canada from New France 1665-1760 to the Painters Eleven, 1965. Written from the point of view that "of all the arts in Canada, painting is the one that most directly presents the Canadian experience." Illustrated with colour plates.
    Find a copy in the library
  • Painting in Canada: A History (Harper)
    A survey of the development of painting in Canada written by a former curator of Canadian Art at the National Gallery of Canada and of the McCord Museum. Covers 1665 to mid 1950s. Includes brief biographies of artists. Illustrated in colour.
    Find a copy in the library
  • Sightlines: Reading Contemporary Canadian Art
    An anthology of essays reflecting trends in Canadian critical art writing of the 1980s Intended as a "reference for the informed reader while providing a sourcebook on contemporary art in Canada for the general reader." Includes an extensive bibliography.
    Find a copy in the library
  • Sights of Resistance: Approaches to Canadian Visual Culture
    Acts as a comprehensive guide to Canadian art, providing a broad sample of aspects of Canadian visual culture. Includes essay on visual cuture, chronology of important events, case studies of individual works, and extensive bibliography.
    View eBook or Find a Copy in the library

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