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Arabic literature

Welcome! This guide focuses on useful sources for the study of classical and contemporary Arabic literature. It is tailored to the courses offered by the McGill Institute of Islamic Studies.

English translations

Abū, Zayd L, and Elizabeth W. Fernea. Year of the Elephant: A Moroccan Woman's Journey Toward Independence, and Other Stories. Austin, Tex: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austin, 1989. Print.

ʻAlī, Idrīs, and Peter Theroux. Dongola: A Novel of Nubia. Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 1998. Print.

Aswānī, ʻAlāʼ, and Humphrey T. Davies. The Yacoubian Building. New York: Harper Perennial, 2006. Print.

Barakāt, Hudá, and Marilyn Booth. Disciples of Passion. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2005. Electronic resource.

Barakāt, Hudá. The Stone of Laughter: A Novel. New York: Interlink Books, 1995. Print.

Barghūthī, Murīd, and Ahdaf Soueif. I Saw Ramallah. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 2000. Print.

Ghı̄tānı̄, Jamāl. Zayni Barakat. London: Viking / King Penguin, 1988. Print.

Ḥabībī, Imīl, and Peter Theroux. Saraya, the Ogre's Daughter: A Palestinian Fairy Tale. Jerusalem: Ibis Editions, 2006. Print.

Ḥabībī, Imīl, Salma K. Jayyusi, and Gassick T. Le. The Secret Life of Saeed the Pessoptimist. New York: Interlink Books, 2001. Print.

Ibrāhīm, Ṣunʻ A, Robyn Cresswell, and Ṣunʻ A. Ibrāhīm. That Smell, and: Notes from Prison. New York: New Directions Pub, 2013. Print.

Ibrāhīm, Ṣunʻ A, Germain M. S. St, and Charlene Constable. The Committee: A Novel. Syracuse, N.Y: Syracuse University Press, 2001. Internet resource.

Ibrāhīm, Ṣunʻ A, and Anthony Calderbank. Zaat. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 2001. Print.

Jabrā, Jabrā I., Roger Allen, and Adnan Haydar. In search of Walid Masoud : a novel. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 2000. Print

Jabrā, Jabrā I. The Ship. Washington, D.C: Three Continents Press, 1985. Print.

Kanafānī, Ghassān, and Hilary Kilpatrick. Men in the Sun & Other Palestinian Stories. Boulder, Colorado : Lynne Rienner, 1999. Print.

Khāl, ʻAbduh, Maia Tabet, and Michael K. Scott. Throwing Sparks. Doha, Qatar : Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing, 2014. Print.

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Khūrī, Ilyās, and Humphrey T. Davies. Gate of the Sun. Brooklyn, N.Y: Archipelago Books, 2006. Print.

Khūrī, Ilyās, and Paula Haydar. The Kingdom of Strangers. Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 1996. Print.

Khūrī, Ilyās, and Peter Theroux. Yalo. Brooklyn, NY: Archipelago Books, 2008. Print.

Kūnī, Ibrāhīm, May Jayyusi, and Christopher Tingley. The Bleeding of the Stone. Northampton : Interlink Books,, 2013. Print.

Kūnī, Ibrāhīm, and Elliott Colla. Gold Dust. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 2008. Print.

Maḥfūẓ, Najīb, and Tagreid Abu-Hassabo. Akhenaten, Dweller in Truth. New York: Anchor Books, 2000. Print.

Maḥfūẓ, Najīb. Palace of Desire. New York: Doubleday, 1991. Print.

Maḥfūẓ, Najīb, and Najīb Maḥfūẓ. Palace Walk. New York: Doubleday, 1990. Print.

Maḥfūẓ, Najīb, William M. Hutchins, and Anzhīl B. Samʻān. Sugar Street. New York : Doubleday, 1992. Print.

Mosteghanemi, Ahlem, and Raphael Cohen. The Bridges of Constantine. London: Bloomsbury, 2013. Print.

Munīf, ʻAbd -R, and Peter Theroux. Cities of Salt: A Novel. New York: Random House, 1987. Print.

Naṣr, Allāh I, and Nancy N. Roberts. The Lanterns of the King of Galilee. Cairo ; New York : The American University in Cairo Press, 2014. Print.

Ṣāliḥ, al-Ṭayyib, Denys Johnson-Davies, and Laila Lalami. Season of Migration to the North. New York : New York Review of Books, , 2009. Print. 

Ṣāliḥ, al-Ṭayyib. The Wedding of Zein & Other Stories. London: Heinemann Educational, 1969. Print.

Sammān, Ghādah. Beirut Nightmares. London: Quartet Books, 1997. Print.

Sammān, Ghādah, and Issa J. Boullata. The Square Moon: Supernatural Tales. Fayetteville, Ark: University of Arkansas Press, 1998. Print.

Sammān, Ghādah, and Nancy N. Roberts. The Night of the First Billion: A Novel. Syracuse, N.Y: Syracuse University Press, 2005. Print.

Shaykh, Ḥanān. Women of Sand and Myrrh. New York : Anchor Books, 1992. Print.

Ṭāhir, Bahāʼ, and Humphrey T. Davies. Sunset Oasis. London: Sceptre, 2009. Print.

Zaydān, Yūsuf, and Jonathan Wright. Azazeel. London : Atlantic Books, 2012. Print.

Zayyāt, Laṭīfah, and Marilyn Booth. The Open Door. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 2000. Print.

List compiled by Yusuf Ashmawi, McGill Graduate (BA'18).

French translations

Aswānī, ʻAlāʼ, and Gilles Gauthier. L'immeuble Yacoubian. Arles [France]: Actes Sud, 2006. Print.

Barakāt, Hudá, and François Zabbal. Les illuminés: roman. Arles [France]: Actes Sud, 1999. Print.

Kanafānī, Ghassān. Des hommes dans le soleil ; (suivi de) L'horloge et le désert ; (et) Oum-Saad la matrice: nouvelles. Paris : Sindbad, 1977. Print.

Kharrāṭ, Idwār. Alexandrie, terre de safran: roman. Paris: Julliard, 1990. Print.

Maḥfūẓ, Najīb. Passage des miracles. Paris: J. Martineau, 1970. Print.

Maḥfūẓ, Najīb, and Khaled Osman. Récits de notre quartier: roman. Paris: Sindbad, 1988. Print.

Maḥfūẓ, Najīb. Le voleur et les chiens: roman. Paris: Sinbad, 1985. Print.

Ṣāliḥ, al-Ṭayyib, Abdelwahab Meddeb, and Fady Noun. Saison de la migration vers le Nord. Paris: Sindbad, 1972. Print.

Shaykh, Ḥanān, Maha Billacois, and Brigitte Tahhan. Femmes de sable et de myrrhe. Arles [France]: Actes Sud, 1995. Print.

List compiled by Yusuf Ashmawi, McGill Graduate (BA'18).


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