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Rayyan for Systematic Reviews

Library Systematic Review Service
If you are considering conducting a systematic review and would like assistance from the Library, please take time to look at our support guidelines, under our systematic review service.


What is Rayyan?

Rayyan is a free web-tool (Beta) designed to help researchers working on systematic reviews and other knowledge synthesis projects, and dramatically speeds up the process of screening and selecting studies.  

From Rayyan Terms of Service

Where is data stored?

"Rayyan relies on cloud services like Heroku and Amazon Web Services to securely store its database, logs and uploaded files, to host and monitor the machines running Rayyan, and to send system emails. This Agreement is bound by the agreements of such services." For more information, visit

What is the data backup policy?

"Automatic daily backups of the entire Rayyan database are stored on Amazon Web Services to ensure data durability, with a 1-month retention policy."


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