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Macdonald Campus Seed Library


Welcome to the guide for the Macdonald Campus Seed Library! Here you will find many resources on all aspects of gardening, from seed starting, the best gardening techniques for your space, troubleshooting, composting, saving your seeds for next year's planting, preserving your harvest, and more. For general inquiries peas contact me!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a seed library?

A seed library is a collection of seeds, usually vegetable, herb, and flower seeds, which users can borrow, take home, grow, and (ideally) harvest and "return" some seeds to the library at the end of the growing season.

Who can use the Macdonald Campus Seed Library?

The Seed Library is open to all McGill faculty, staff, students, alumni, and authorized borrowers (if you can borrow from the McGill Library, you can use the Seed Library).

How do I borrow seeds?

First, fill out a membership form (you can also register in person at the Macdonald Campus Library). Once you have registered, you can borrow seeds either at the Macdonald Campus Library, or using our online borrowing form. You may borrow up to 25 seed packets.

How do I return seeds?

Seed returning is an important part of being a Seed Library user. You can learn about seed-saving techniques here. When you have seeds ready to return, please fill out this form and bring the seeds to the Macdonald Campus Library. Returning seeds is not a requirement for using the Seed Library, but it is strongly encouraged!


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