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Science Literacy Week @ McGill: 360 videos

Events happening across campus during science literacy week

360 videos - immersive learning!

Though we may be homebound for now, 360 videos offer a way to have immersive experiences that transport us somewhere else - and even learn something along the way! This page includes some interesting apps for accessing 360 video on your phone and also some great examples to check out for science literacy week.

You can access 360 videos on any phone and view them by moving your phone around, but the best way to view them is through a dedicated phone viewer, which makes the video fill your field of view and also creates a 3D effect that brings you closer to the action. You can buy these relatively cheaply online, or you can even make one on your own, DIY style! Google has a list of official viewers on its website, as well as the DIY instructions.

While the library's equipment is currently unavailable due to the ongoing pandemic, you can find out some more info on virtual reality on the library's subject guide.

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360 video examples

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