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Print and manuscript sources of Renaissance music (1400–1600)

Chansons, chansonniers

  • Fallows, David. A Catalogue of Polyphonic Songs, 1415-1480. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999.
    • ML128 P13 F35 1999
    • Catalogue of all polyphonic songs from the years 1415–80 in any language
    • Includes texts and titles of lost songs
    • Basic reference work on the 15th-century chanson
    • Occasional use of RISM sigla
    • Thematic incipits only, for texted songs
  • Catalogue de la Chanson Française à la Renaissance
    • Catalogue of c. 9000 chansons, monophonic and polyphonic, from print and manuscript sources between c. 1480 and 1600
    • Catalogue description by Annie Coeurdevey
    • Includes list of sources for each chanson, as well as incipits and a musicXML file
    • Contains commentary and references to modern editions
  • Les livres de Chansons Nouvelles de Nicolas Duchemin, 1549-1568
    • Includes facsimiles and modern scores of all the chansons printed by an important French music publisher
  • Perkins, Leeman L., and Howard B. Garey, eds. The Mellon chansonnier. 2 vols. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1979.  
    • M1495 M513 M4
    • Facsimile and transcription (on facing pages) of a 15th-cent. manuscripts in Yale University Libraries

Italian-texted music other than the madrigal (frottola, villotta, etc.)

  • Jeppesen, Knud. La frottola. 3 vols. Acta Jutlandica. Copenhagen: Munksgaard, 1968-1970.
    • ML2633 J47 1968
    • Includes discussion and inventories of the all the sources of Italian texted polyphony c. 1480-1530
    • Also includes a list of popular tunes and texts cited in Italian texted songs
  • Le frottole Petrucci. Series editor Francesco Luisi.
    • M1547 F73 P4 
    • Series including modern editions of seven of the ten surviving Frottola books published by Ottaviano Petrucci, 1504-1514
    • Includes extensive critical commentaries in Italian


  • Vogel, Emil, Lesure François, and Claudio Sartori. Bibliografia della musica italiana vocale profana pubblicata dal 1500 al 1700. Nuova ed. interamente rifatta e aumentata con gli indici dei musicisti, poeti, cantanti, dedicatari e dei capoversi dei testi letteraried. Pomezia: Staderini, 1977.
    • ML120 I8 V816 1977
    • Inventories of all printed sources single-composer prints of the madrigal from 1500 to 1700, with extensive indices
  • Lewis Hammond, Susan. The Madrigal: A Research and Information Guide. 1st ed. Routledge Music Bibliographies. New York: Routledge, 2011.
  • Lincoln, Harry B. The Italian Madrigal and Related Repertories: Indexes to Printed Collections, 1500-1600. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1988. 
    • ML128 M2 L56 1988
    • Inventories and incipits of all the collections (including more than one composer) of Italian madrigal prints in the 16th century. 
  • The Italian Madrigal Resource Center
    • Includes modern transcriptions of hundreds of madrigals, available in pdf and midi, and a pdf of the thext and translation
    • Registration required to download scores
  • MODE: Marenzio online digital edition (beta version) 
    • Includes a complete catalogue of Marenzio’s secular music
    • Contains an online critical edition of one book of madrigals (more coming soon)


  • Online motet database (print and MS)
    • Latin-texted, non-strophic, polyphonic compositions apart from settings of the Ordinary of the Mass
    • Manuscript and printed motets 1475–1600
    • All works designated as motets and Mass Propers as well as any additional compositions that contain characteristics of these genres
    • Prints are identified with RISM sigla
    • Manuscripts are identified with CC sigla
  • Thomas, Jennifer Swinger.  “The Sixteenth-Century Motet: A Comprehensive Survey of the Repertory and Case Studies of the Core Texts, Composers, and Repertory.”  3 vols. PhD diss., University of Cincinnati, 1999. 
    • ML3275 T46 1999a
    • Additional information on the Online Motet Database and its contents
    • Lists manuscripts, composers, texts, and provenance information
    • Provides written descriptions of how the database is organized
  • Lincoln, Harry B. The Latin Motet: Indexes to Printed Collections, 1500-1600. Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen (Institute of Mediaeval Music); Bd. 59. Ottawa: Institute of Mediaeval Music, 1993.  
    • ML128 M6 L56 1993
    • Index to motet printed collections
    • Single parts of larger work such as Masses or magnificats that are found in books labeled motets are included 
    • Full Latin Masses, the magnificat, and the lauda are excluded
    • 19,000 melodic incipits (in staff notation) from 7,000 pieces of vocal polyphony in over 300 collections
    • Text incipits of 400 instrumental pieces
    • Uses RISM numbers
    • Modern editions including transcriptions and facsimiles are cited

Instrumental music

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