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Print and manuscript sources of Renaissance music (1400–1600)

Introduction: Catalogues for major Renaissance music printers/publishers

These catalogues list all the publications of individual publishers, with detailed information about many aspects of the music and the printing business; some include inventories of individual prints. 

Major Italian printers

Late-16th-c. music Italian printing

French printers

  • Freedman, Richard, and Philippe Vendrix. Les livres de Chansons Nouvelles de Nicolas Duchemin, 1549–1568. 
    • Includes facsimiles and modern scores of all the chansons printed by an important French music publisher
    • There is a general discussion of the press under “Learn” 
  • Heartz, Daniel. Pierre Attaingnant: Royal Printer of Music: A Historical Study and Bibliographical Catalogue. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1969.
  • Lesure, François, and Geneviève Thibault. Bibliographie des éditions d’Adrian le Roy et Robert Ballard (1551–1598). Publications de la Société Française de Musicologie, 2nd ser., vol. 9. Paris: Heugel, 1955. 
  • Pogue, Samuel F. Jacques Moderne: Lyons Music Printer of the Sixteenth Century. Travaux d’humanisme et renaissance, 101. Geneva: Libraire Droz, 1969.
  • Dobbins, Frank. Music in Renaissance Lyons. Oxford Monographs on Music. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1992. 

English printers

German printers

Printers in the Low Countries

  • Forney, Kristine Karen. “Tielman Susato, Sixteenth-Century Music Printer: An Archival and Typographical Investigation.” PhD diss., University of Kentucky, 1978.
  • Bain, Susan Elizabeth. “Music Printing in the Low Countries in the Sixteenth Century.” PhD diss., Cambridge University, 1974.
  • Weaver, Robert Lee. A Descriptive Bibliographical Catalog of the Music Printed by Hubert Waelrant and Jan De Laet. Detroit Studies in Music Bibliography, No. 73. Warren, Mich.: Harmonie Park Press, 1994.
  • Weaver, Robert Lee. Waelrant and Laet: Music Publishers in Antwerp’s Golden Age. Detroit Monographs in Musicology/Studies in Music No. 15. Warren, Mich.: Harmonie Park Press, 1995. 

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