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MRKT 452: Consumer Behaviour

Malls in Montréal

Step one: Choose your shopping centre, explore its website and learn about the stores it contains. (factual research)

Here are the shopping centres listed in your Mall Assignment description:

  • Alexis-Nihon
  • Centre Eaton
  • Complexe Desjardins
  • Les Cours Mont Royal
  • Place Montréal Trust
  • Place Ville Marie
  • Promenades Cathédrale
  • Rockland Centre

In addition to these malls, below are lists of malls in the Région métropolitaine de Montréal. (Hint, could be useful when looking for potential competitors)


Industry Information

Step two: learn about the Canadian retail industry. (factual research)

Things to know about Industry Research:

  • A specific report may or may not exist on your partiuclar industry
  • Sometimes you have to consult multiple sources and create your own report
  • You may have to broaden your search scope (for example: from shopping malls to retail) in the event your specific industry does not have a report in one of our databaes
  • The library cannot purchase an individual report for you that you have found on the internet. 
  • Don't forget to ask for help!

Search Tips:

Below are a few keywords you can use in the industry databases to get you started

  • retail in Canada
  • Shopping centers in Canada
  • Montréal Shopping Mall

Consumer Research & Statistics

Step three: Learn about the people around your shopping centre. (factual research)

For Consumer Research, there are a few different sources to consult:

  • Montréal en statistique et l'Institut de la Statistique du Québec and Statistics Canada, for statistical information
  • Mintel and Passport have consumer profiles and reports
  • You can also build a map based off of Statistics Canada data for the areas surrounding your mall with SimplyAnalytic

SimplyAnalytics: Consumer Demographic Maps

Step four: Visualize the demographic breakdown around your shopping centre. (factual research)


Useful Codes for searching in SimplyAnalytics:

  • SIC : 65120201 - Shopping center, property operation only
  • NAICS: 531120 - Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except Miniwarehouses)

Scholarly Articles, Trade Articles and Books

Step five: understand why consumers purchase what they purchase. (conceptual research)

Searchable Keywords : 

  • "consumer behavior"
  • "shopping behavior"
  • "purchase decision"

Search equation examples : 

  • ( "purchase behavior" OR "purchase decision" ) AND ( "shopping Mall" OR "Shopping center" )

Don't forget that you can also find scholarly books (monographs) in the McGill Library in both print and electronic formats. (conceptual research)

Here are a few possible search equations that you can explore about consumer shopping habits : 

NOTE: For more help on searching the Library's Catalogue WorldCat, please visit the help link below. 


Citing Business Resources

You can use the following sources to help you build your citations for your report.

Business Citation Guides:

Other Resources

  • Purdue OWL 
  • Zotero: Reference manager you can use to track your sources and build your bibliography in Word.

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