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MGPO 362 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Market Research Canvas

Library Presentation Jamboard

In your groups, one person from your group can click on the Jamboard link to get started. Then use the arrows at the top to navigate to a fresh page and enter the name of your group and the first and last names of each team member.

Industry & Market

Use the databases below to help build a profile for your industry and market. The data in these reports will help you determine the size of your market, its growth rates and future potential, trends and forecasts, barriers to entry, and threats to the market.

- Use reports from multiple databases to get a complete picture of an industry.
- If you can't find a report for the Canadian market, look for a US report and determine if the information there could be applied to the Canadian context.

Potential Consumers

Using the resources below, find detailed consumer behaviour characteristics about your potential customers to determine how likely they are to buy into your product.

See also: Industry Research guide

Competitor Analysis

Use the industry and market resources below to find information on competitors, such as: 

  • Names of brands/companies that are direct and indirect competitors;
  • Market shares of competitors;
  • Details about the industry

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