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LGBTQ Health

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Core Databases

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("Sexual and Gender Minorities"[Mesh] OR "Homosexuality"[Mesh] OR "Bisexuality"[Mesh] OR "Transsexualism"[Mesh] OR "Sex Reassignment Procedures"[Mesh] OR "Health Services for Transgender Persons"[Mesh] OR "Gender Identity"[Mesh:noexp] OR lgb[tiab] OR lgbt*[all] OR 2SLGBTQIA*[tiab] OR glbt[tiab] OR gay[tiab] OR bisexual*[tiab] OR homosexual*[all] OR "same sex"[tiab] OR two-spirit*[tiab] OR lesbian*[all] OR transsexual*[tiab] OR transgender*[tiab] OR intersex*[tiab] OR queer*[tiab] OR MSM[tiab] OR MESM[tiab] OR "men who have sex with men"[tiab] OR "men having sex with men"[tiab] OR non-binary[tiab] OR "sexual minorit*"[tiab] OR "gender minorit*"[tiab] OR "gender diverse"[tiab] OR "sexually diverse"[tiab])

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