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Use this guide to discover information sources about jazz performance and research topics. This evolving guide facilitates access to important resources, and provides samples of the types of materials available to members of the McGill community.

Searching the library catalogue

Search the Sofia Discovery tool for McGill's collection of resources: books, journals & articles, multimedia, and other resources, in both print or electronic format.



Tips for searching the catalogue:



Search aides:

Truncation symbol:

* e.g. saxophone* will retrieve catalogue records containing the words saxophone and saxophones.
Phrase searching: "___" e.g. "cool jazz" will retrieve catalogue records containing the phrase cool jazz.
Boolean operators: ( ), AND, OR, NOT
default: AND
e.g. jazz AND (free OR improvisation) will retrieve catalogue records containing the word jazz AND either of the words free OR improvisation.


Useful Subject Headings

Further subject headings are provided throughout the pages in this guide.

Location and contacts

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Music Library Staff
Elizabeth Wirth Music Building
3rd floor - 527 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1E3
Subjects: Music

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