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Research Data Management

RDM Templates for Labs

  • This README template was adapted from the following sources:

    README: File & Folder Schema Example by MIT Libraries Data Management Services. Copyright ©2018 MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

    Briney, K. “README.txt”. Blog Post. (2014). Access:

Additional Resources

National Science Foundation Grants - Data Management Plans

The National Science Foundation is a common agency for many researchers to obtain research funding. One of the requirements of the grant application is a short data management plan. 

Each general research area has listed the requirements and guidelines for data management plans. Usually, each research area will update their guidelines every two to three years. 

Data management plan guidance in Biological Sciences 

Data management plan guidance in Computer Science and Engineering

Data management plan guidance in Engineering

Data management plan guidance in Geosciences 


European Granting Agencies and Consortium Data Management Plans

Generally, European granting agencies and consortias will ask for a description of how the research will follow the FAIR principles (Findable,
Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable)
. These applications will typically give prompting questions to help the research understand what should be covered.

Examples of data management plans:

European Research Council data management plan template.

Supporting documents for the ERC data management plan.



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