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Nursing: Evidence-Informed Practice Search Module- Intermediate

About TRIP Database

TRIP Database is a clinical search engine. It is used by clinicians to identify the best available evidence to answer clinical questions.

In it you will find : Search using:
  • evidence-based synopses (summaries): studies cited in these summaries have been evaluated for quality by experts and synthesized into recommendations for practice.
  • clinical practice guidelines
  • systematic reviews (syntheses)
  • primary research (single studies)
  • keywords
  • Apply limits by type of evidence

UpToDate is a quick & flexible way to find best evidence, but it is only one of many places to look for answers to your clinical questions...

Search Module- Intermediate Video 2: Intro to TRIP Database

APA citation: Trip Database. (2021, July 1). The NEW Trip Database [Video file]. Retrieved from

IMPORTANT NOTE: To access McGill full text resources be sure to access TRIP from this module, the course or subject guides or the McGill website.

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