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MRKT 452: Consumer Behaviour

Finding academic articles

Finding a journal by name

To find a journal by name you can search the library's catalogue or the e-Journals A-Z list to search the name of a specific publication. This will take you to a link for the journal, similar to the ones listed below. From here you can search within the publication or browse by latest issue.

Finding an article by topic

When looking for articles and journals that fit your topic the best place to look is in the business journal databases linked below. These are collections of all the top business journals. 

To start your search, first identify your research question. Once you've outlined the question, divide your topic into separate concepts. For example, if your question is "Does fear advertising work? When and why?" you will need to break apart the different concepts of fear, advertising, and consumer response. After you have identified your concepts, you should brainstorm related terms or synonyms for each of those words.

Concepts: Advertising Consumer Behaviour Fear
Related terms: marketing

customer response


When you've finished brainstorming you can put all of your keywords together to create an effective search strategy.

(advertising OR marketing) AND ("consumer behaviour" OR "customer response") AND (fear OR motivation OR concern)

By grouping your terms together like this you will better control your search results and limit the amount of non-essential articles that show up in your results. This will save you time and help improve your research by getting you to the articles that matter most more quickly.

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