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MGCR 352 Principles of Marketing

Resources for your class from the library.

Section 1: Marketing Mix

Use the questions below to help you determines the typical aspects of a marketing mix. 

Products & Pricing

  • What does your product look like? How is it packaged? What makes it different from other similar products?
  • What is its Product Life Cycle?
  • What is the pricing strategy and margins for your product?
  • For inspiration, see and the Branding Research Library
  • For details about existing brands and products, and popular brands in a given industry, see the Company Research guide and the Industry guide.

Distribution & Promotion:

  • How will consumers learn about your product?
  • How and where will the product be distributed?
  • How will it be displayed?
  • For advertising rates and information, see the Advertising guide.

Section 2: Financial Evaluation

Use the resources below to get started on determining projected sales and profits, and industry financials that you can use to determine your financial evaluation.

Section 3: Foreign Entry Potential

To find and justify your foreign entry potential, you can use these databases to review international markets and find the best fit for your product. 

Section 4: Implementation

While working on your implementation section, you may have gathered key data from the various reports to help you make these decisions. To help put all this data together, feel free to consult some of our marketing plan guidebooks and resources here at the library!

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