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Due to Quebec government and university directives, McGill campuses have been closed since March 2020. As a result, all library branches are closed until further notice. Library staff continue to provide virtual reference during service hours. Amanda and Dawn are available via email and virtual consultation. 

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Accessing Online Resources from the McGill Library

  • with the EZProxy : use your email address and password
  • with the VPN : download, install and activate (with McGill email address and password)

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Best Databases for Business Articles

ABI/INFORM is a comprehensive database of articles from key trade publications, scholarly journals, conference proceedings, market reports, etc.

Business Source Complete is a comprehensive database of articles from scholarly and trade journals, working papers, as well as market reports and industry reports.

Additional Academic Sources

Newspaper Databases for Business Topics and More

Peer-review is a process by which a journal of publication evaluates and critiques research articles. A group of experts in a particular field will review an article to determine if it should be published and make comments or suggestions when needed. This process helps ensure that new and impactful research is being contributed. Often the peer-review process is double-blind, meaning both the researcher and the editor will not know who is involved in the writing or commenting.

  • CBCA Complete
    Canadian business and current affairs magazines.  Includes scholarly publications.  
  • CPI.Q
    Canadian Periodicals Index. Articles from magazines and journals (interdisciplinary). Primarily news, trade, and popular publications.

To search for an article in a specific journal, you can follow these steps.

  1. Search for the name of the journal in the McGill Library Catalogue OR the e-Journals A-Z lookup.
    • Ex. "Harvard Business Review"
  2. Select the appropriate eJournal.
  3. Choose a Full-Text option (if more than one).
  4. Once inside the journal you can browse the different issues or "search within publications".

Google Scholar can be a useful tool. It is most effective when you already know the name of the article you are looking for or if you want a general scan of the literature, without getting too specific. 

Search operators like AND, OR, NOT, brackets, and quotations work in Google Scholar and can help narrow down your results.

Link Google Scholar to the McGill Library

Types of Articles

Academic Articles

Academic articles, also referred to as a journal or research articles, is often the most common type of source used in academic research. These articles can be peer-reviewed, but are not always.

Trade Articles

Trade articles come from trade publications, and while they may be scientific, they are geared specifically toward people or businesses in a certain industry. These articles are a great way to learn more about the happenings of an industry, but are not considered academic sources.

Popular Articles

Popular articles come from magazines or newspapers and are not scientific. They may report on new research developments or provide current perspectives on topics.

Citing Business Resources

You can use the following sources to help you build your citations for your report.

Business Citation Guides:

Other Resources

  • Excelsior OWL
  • Zotero: Reference manager you can use to track your sources and build your bibliography in Word.

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