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Selecting a database or tool

Nucleic Acids Research 2022 Database Issue

  • Nucleic Acids Research's annual Database Issue categorizes many of the publicly available online databases related to molecular biology and bioinformatics as well as recent updates to databases

Nucleic Acids Research 2021 Web Server Issue

  • Nucleic Acids Research's annual issues dedicated to web-based software resources for analysis and visualization of molecular biology data.

MolBio Information Service

  • Created by the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System. Find molecular databases and software tools using a combined search of the HSLS Online Bioinformatics Resource Collection (OBRC), Nucleic Acids Research Database/Web Server Issues, and a filtered PubMed search. You can also search for protocols, videos, or preprints.

Genes, nucleotides and genomes

Proteins and proteomes


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Andrea Miller-Nesbitt
Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering (Office located in the McLennan Library Building during the Schulich closure)


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