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ENGL 490 / GSFS 407 Culture and Critical Theory 2 

Welcome to the ENGL 490 / GSFS 407 Culture and Critical Theory 2 course thematic guide. 

This guide hopes to provide you with the resources necessary to contribute to Wikipedia. 

Below, you will find : 

  1. Links about the notability of subjects on Wikipedia
  2. The 5-pillars of Wikipedia
  3. Tutorials about contributing to Wikipedia
  4. Databases and resources from the McGill University Library that you can use to improve or create Wikipedia articles. 

Getting Started with Wikipedia 

In this section, you will find the preliminary steps we are going to take in preparing for our Wednesday 13 March 2019 Art+Feminism Editathon. 

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Encyclopedic Writing for Wikipedia

Don't forget, when you are writing in Wikipedia, you need to write in a neutral voice. 

Writing to convince, as you often do in papers, is not the language style accepted on Wikpeida. 

Consult the resources in this section to learn about encyclopedic writing norms in English language Wikipedia. 

Learning to Edit and Create in Wikipedia

Use the links below to begin learning about the basics of editing and creating new articles and content in Wikipedia. 

Don't forget that Wikipedia is a large community. Don't be afraid to use the the help services offered by Wikipedia and by the user community. 

McGill Library Resources for Finding Sources

Newspaper Sources

Academic Resources

Resources at Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)

Practice Adding References

Try using the Citation Hunt game to add references to existing Wikipedia articles. 

This will get you comfortable with improving articles on Wikipeida. Use the resources mentionned above from the McGill Library and from BAnQ to cite parts of texts that require citations. 

Remember to create your Wikipedia account before you start adding citations. 

Potential Techno-Feminist Artists

In the Google Sheet link below, add all the artistes montréalaises you think that we could work on. Don't forget to add potential sources we could site because Wikipedia is built on its citations! 

Once you have added the names of your potential artists and links or citations that could be used to cite your artist, I will look over them and let you know if I think they will meet Wikipedia's admissibility criteria. 

From the WikiEdu Blog

The small selection of blog articles below are from the WikiEdu blog. This blog reports on how educators have worked with Wikipedia in the classroom. Great read! 

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