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MGCR 423 Strategic Management

ABI/INFORM Collection



ABI/Inform is another article database similar to Business Source Complete. You may find similar publications within each database, but the coverage (date range) might differ between the two due to the way we subscribe to these publications. It is always good practice to check in both databases just to make sure you haven't missed out on any useful articles!

The database includes key trade publications, dissertations, conference proceedings, and market reports, in addition to journal, magazine, and news articles.

You will want to search in ABI/INFORM to find MIT Sloan Management Review articles (it offers the most comprehensive coverage for more recently published articles of this publication).

To find MIT Sloan Management Review, go to the ABI/INFORM database and select the Publications menu option to search for the particular publication.


You will then be able to browse through specific issues of the publication.


Business Source Complete



Business Source Complete is a comprehensive database of articles from scholarly and trade journals, working papers, market reports, industry reports, and news.

This database will give you access to publications such as Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg Businessweek and Forbes.

To find these publications, you have a couple of search options to choose from:

1) Select the Publications menu option at the top left. 

This option is best if you want to browse through particular issues (select a date/issue listed on the right of the interface).
2) Using the search box, search for the publication name you are looking for and select the field option SO Publication Name. This will bring up all articles published within this publication. This search method is useful if you want to search for a particular topic within a specific publication. 

The Financial Times



McGill students, faculty, and staff have free access to through the Library.

FT Website

To access the full features of the website, sign up using your McGill email

Note: If you are off-campus, the first time you set up your account you must have McGill VPN installed and running. app

Our subscription also gives you access to through their apps on iOS and Android devices. 

Click here to download their apps.


The Economist



The Economist Intelligence Unit 

  • To access the full content of the Economist (including both the website and print edition complete with graphs and visuals going back to 1997), go through the Economist Intelligence Unit. Click on The Economist link from the Quick Links list on the welcome page.
  • Note: We do not have access to the app version of The Economist.

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