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Black, Indigenous, people of colour (BIPOC) musicians

Use this guide to explore the musical traditions, compositions, and scholarship of Black, Indigenous, people of colour (BIPOC) individuals.

Online magazines, blogs, and podcasts

  • Black Grooves
    • A music review site hosted by the Archives of African American Music & Culture (AAAMC) at Indiana University
    • Promotes Black music by providing monthly updates on new releases and quality reissues in all genres of music composed or performed by Black artists
    • NB: new monthly updates are temporarily suspended as of August 2021, but previous issues are still accessible
  • D-Composed
    • A Chicago-based chamber music experience that honours Black creativity and culture through the music of Black composers
    • Produces The Sounds of Black Composers playlists, which also include music by women and LGBTQ+ composers
  • Musicwoman
    • Promotes women musicians globally; focuses particularly on women in jazz 
    • Musicwomen Live! radio program features women composers and instrumentalists; more than 100 episodes available on demand 
  • MusicUNTOLD
    • Multidisciplinary organization devoted to presenting arts and educational programs that promote diversity 
    • Black Composers and Musicians in Classical Music History provides short vignettes of musicians who performed in Europe, North America, and Latin America from the 16th Century to the 20th Century 
  • NewMusic USA
    • Promotes creation, performance, and appreciation of new music
    • NewMusicBox blog contains numerous articles about BIPOC composers and musicians
    • Blog post on Native American composers
  • Phamox Music
    • Explores African musical heritage and provides information about classical music, hymns, African art music, art musicians, and hymnal
    • Profiles of African musicians and information about African instruments
  • Polyphony: Diversity in Music
    • An online exhibit created by the Music Library at University of Toronto
    • Fosters dialogue with BIPOC/racialized musicians, highlighting their voices alongside the works and people who inspire them
  • World Music Central
    • Online magazine dedicated to World Music, featuring the latest international news, CD and concert reviews, articles, and many resources (in the form of a wiki) for music fans, industry professionals and researchers
    • Their definition of World Music includes traditional and contemporary folk and roots music from the entire globe, as well as cross-cultural fusions and hybrids

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