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Women composers

Use this guide to discover information sources about women composers and their artistic and compositional output. This evolving guide facilitates access to important resources, documenting the impact of women composers on all musical cultures.

Podcasts and blogs

  • Audible Woman
    • Monthly program about art music and related music genres (experimental, avant-garde, "20th-/21st-century classical"), 1980-2006
    • Canadian and international artists
    • Features live interviews
  • Backstage Chats
    • Stories of current women music makers in related fields 
  • BBC Radio 3: Celebrating Women Composers
    • Links to various radio programmes and archives about women composers
  • Compos(h)er
    • Audio recordings of selected works of little-known women composers of classical music
  • The Daffodil Perspective
    • Weekly program of "gender balanced music" since 2018
    • Every show features at least 50% women composers; women of colour make up half the women composers on the show
  • Gathering Her Notes
    • Classical music from the late 20th and the 21st century composed or performed by women
  • Into the Light
  • Listening to Ladies
    • Excerpts from interviews interwoven with samples of composers’ works
    • Resource links
    • Podcast ended in 2019; website is not longer being updated but the archives, links, and resources are still functioning
  • Musical Herstory
    • A 6-week online course exploring women composers; lectures archived on YouTube
  • Musicwoman
    • Features women who compose and perform their own music
    • Focus on women in jazz
  • Women Who Jam!
    • Daily radio program; focuses on vocal talent 

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