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WILD 420 Ornithology

Before you start

To choose a stub:
- Bird stubs

Before you start working on your article, make sure you are familiar with this link:
- WikiProject Birds
It'll give you the naming guidelines so that all Wiki articles are consistent.

You can always create your article in your sandbox, then copy and paste sections (or all of it) in the "official" article.

To add a sub-heading - click image to enlarge

how to add subheadings in Wikipedia

To insert a link - click image to enlarge

how to insert a link in Wikipedia

Acceptable date format

As per Wikipedia, these are acceptable date formats:
General use Only where brevity is helpful
(refs,[3] tables, infoboxes, etc.)
2 September 2001 2 Sep 2001  
September 2, 2001 Sep 2, 2001 A comma follows the year unless followed by other punctuation:[4]
  • The weather on March 12, 2005, was clear and warm
  • Everyone remembers July 21, 1969 – when man first landed on the Moon
2 September 2 Sep Omit year only where there is no risk of ambiguity:
  • The 2012 London Olympics ran from 25 July to 12 September
  • January 1 is New Year's Day
September 2 Sep 2
No equivalent for general use 2001-08-02 Use yyyy-mm-dd format only with Gregorian dates from 1583 onward.[5]
September 2001 Sep 2001  

When to mark as "minor edit"

As per Wikipedia:

When to mark as a minor edit

  • Spelling, grammatical, and punctuation corrections
  • Simple formatting (e.g., capitalization, or properly adding italics to non-English words, like folie des grandeurs, or titles of certain works, like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)
  • Formatting that does not change the meaning of the page (e.g., moving a picture, splitting one paragraph into two—where this is not contentious)
  • Obvious factual errors (e.g., changing "Nixon resigned in 1874" to "Nixon resigned in 1974")
  • Fixing layout errors
  • Adding or correcting wikilinks, or fixing broken external links and references already present in the article
  • Removing obvious vandalism

When not to mark as a minor edit

  • Adding or removing content in an article
  • Adding or removing visible tags or other templates in an article
  • Adding or removing references or external links in an article
  • Adding comments to a talk page or other discussion

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