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RETL 611 360-Degree Consumer Insight

1. Choose Your E-Commerce Firm

When choosing your e-commerce firm, you will need to find out that seeks to get at least part of its financial revenue from individual consumers. You can evaluate potential companies using Mergent Online or MarketLine to look up their profiles. Each database will provide more information on the types of products they offer and who their customers are.

2. Background Information

a) what products and services does your firm offer?

Both Mergent Online and MarketLine from the box above can help you answer questions about your company's products and services.

b) what segments of customers (i.e. demographic or psychographic segments) do they currently serve?

Use our consumer research databases to help find profiles and data on your firm's customers.

c) who are their major competitors (both online and offline)?

Both Mergent Online and MarketLine offer competitor listings in their reports.

Additional Sources of Information

The following are databases you can use to round out your research.

3. Read the Internet Trap

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