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MRKT 658 Marketing Intelligence

Books and background information

You can search the Library catalogue for books to learn more about topics that are relevant to the course and your assignments.

  • WorldCat: Use the facets on the left of your search results to limit results to books or ebooks.

Industry research

You can search our industry research databases for reports on industries, markets, and product segments.

The reports in these databases typically make use of secondary source data (research and data carried out by others) supplimented with primary source data (research carried out by their own company).

The following databases contain reports on wide range of industries:

  • IBISWorld: Broad range of industries. (Canada & US)
  • Mintel: Focus on consumer products and services. (Canada & US)
  • Passport: Focus on consumer products and services. (International)
  • Marketline: Broad range of industries. (International)
  • eMarketer: Reports related to e-business and digital aspects of 12 broad industries.


  • Use reports from multiple databases to get a complete picture of an industry.
  • If you can't find a report for the Canadian market, look for a US report and determine if the information there could be applied to the Canadian context.


DEMO: Finding information on future of coffee market in Canada (video)
A short video showing how you can use IBISWorld, Mintel, Passport, and Marketline to find information about the future of the coffee market in Canada.

See also: Industry Research guide

Consumer research

Similar to industry reports, these reports are based on a combination of primary and secondary source data.

  • Mintel: Reports include a databook spreadsheet containing details on consumer behaviour and preferences.
  • Passport: Reports on consumer lifestyles (click Consumers at the top of the page) provide details on trends in different areas: digital consumer, households, income & expenditures, lifestyles, population.
  • Vividata : Psychographic and demographic data on Canadian consumers.
  • SimplyAnalytics: Create maps and reports using Canadian demographic data.
    You must create an account if you want to save your work. Limited to 5 users at a time.

See also: Consumer Research guide

Statistics and data


  • Statista: Brings together statistics from a wide range of sources.
  • eMarketer: Statistics related to e-business.

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada provides data and statistics on a wide range of subjects.

CANSIM: Main database for accessing StatsCan data. Tables can be customized to change scope, time coverage, etc.

You can browse for data:

Quebec, Montreal

See also: Data guide

Articles and news

You can search these databases for articles on topics related to the course, or to learn more about the industry, product, or service that you are interested in.

Articles are also valuable sources of both primary and secondary source data.

Journal and magazine articles

For the best results you'll want to repeat your search in more than one database.

  • Business Source Complete: Comprehensive database of articles from scholarly and trade journals, working papers, market reports, industry reports, and news.
  • ABI/Inform: Similar to Business Source Complete, more emphasis on trade publications.
  • Google Scholar: Useful for finding relevant articles, although the coverage isn't as comprehensive as the databases listed above.
  • CBCA Complete: Canadian business and current affairs magazines.

Newspaper articles

  • Canadian Newsstream: Newspaper articles from over 300 Canadian newspapers. English-language only.
  • The only database that includes articles from French-language newspapers. Change source from "all content" to "Canada (FR)" to search all major French-language newspapers in Canada.

See also: Articles and News guide

Can't find a report or statistic?

In cases where the specific reports, statistics, or data are not available, you will need to carry out your own research, bringing together articles or news items that provide you with information on the industry you are interested in.

A few approaches you can try:

  • Look for reports for a more general industry or market and extrapolate the information there to your particular case. For example, if you can't find a report on men's running shoes, look for a report on men's sportsware and/or men's footware.
  • Look for reports for a related or broader geographic area. If you can't find a information on the Quebec market, see if you can find data for Canada, the US, or North America.
  • Search for individual articles or news stories on your topic for insights and statistics. Sometimes those articles will mention specific reports or data sources that you can track down for more information. See Articles and News box above for links to the best resources to use.

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