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Finding academic and non-academic sources

Creating your search strategy

Evaluating your sources

Not all information is created equal!

Use the CRAAP test to evaluate the relevance and quality of the information or evidence you have found.

Currency- how timely is the information? Does your topic require current information, or will older sources work as well?

Relevance- does the information answer your question and make sense in your context?

Authority- is the source of your information trustworthy? Do the author, journal, publisher or institution have appropriate credentials? Is the article peer reviewed?

Accuracy- is the content reliable, truthful, and correct? Is it evidence-based? Is there a list of references?

Purpose- what is the reason the information exists? Is there potential for bias? Are they selling something?

Searching for academic articles

Google Scholar (the scholarly subset of Google)

Scopus (multidisciplinary database of academic sources)

Web of Science (multidisciplinary database of academic sources)

Visit the microbiology & immunology subject guide.

Learn more about accessing online resources on- and off-campus.

Searching for newspaper articles

News & Newspapers (ProQuest) - includes current and historical newspapers from different countries.

Visit the guide to finding newspapers for more options.

Citing your sources

Download the EndNote software (link to installer on this page). It will help with organizing your search results, as well as citing your references in Word documents.

A Guide to Using EndNote (PDF)

There are library workshops given throughout the year on how to use this software effectively. You can also contact me for training.

Visit the citation guide for info on styles and alternatives to EndNote.


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