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Iranian studies

Welcome سلام. خوش آمدید! This guide focuses on useful sources for the study of classical and contemporary Iranian studies. It is tailored to the courses offered by the McGill Institute of Islamic Studies.


Ariyanpur Kashani, 'Abbas. The New Unabridged English-Persian Dictionary. Amir-Kabir Pub. & Printing Institution],[1963-64]. Print.


The Cambridge History of Iran  is part of the Cambridge Histories Online series and focuses on the lives, culture and anthropology of Iran.

Dehkhoda (لغت نامه دهخدا ) is accessible through Parsiwiki Project (پارسی ویکی) which is an online platform that developed and made accessible the dictionary of Dehkhoda. This dictionary is known to be the largest comprehensive Persian dictionary and was compiled by Ali Akbar Dehkhoda. It was first published in 1940 and later grew to 16 volumes. Each entry in this dictionary consists of a description, mode of usage, phonetics, examples and passages from Persian literature containing that entry. Moreover this dictionary includes words of other languages (Turkish, Mongolian, Hindi, Arabic, French, English, German, Russian etc.,) that are commonly used in Persian language. 

The Encyclopaedia Iranica is a comprehensive research tool dedicated to the study of Iranian civilization in the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent.


Achemenet platform serves as an umbrella site connecting the International Network of Achaemenid Studies and Research, and makes available a wealth of resources about the Achaemenid Empire.

Allama Iqbal Poetry  (کلام علامہ محمد اقبال) allows to read Allama Iqbal poetical works in Urdu, Roman Urdu and English Translations.

A Thousand Years of the Persian Book is an online exhibition of the Library of Congress exploring various aspects of Persian book culture: Persian language, Writing systems and scripts, the Epic of Shahnameh, etc.

Columbia University Center for Iranian Studies is an academic research center founded in 1968 with a strong focus on publications. CIS occasionally sponsors/arranges art exhibitions, film screenings, musical performances, or lectures for students, staff and the community.

Dissertation Reviews: Iran and Persian Studies features overviews of recently defended, unpublished doctoral dissertations in a wide variety of disciplines across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Ganjoor /گنجور is an open access collection of Persian literature making accessible a diverse and extensive collection of classical and modern Persian poetry works.


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